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Within the codification we can make on the environment, I put the man in a key place, committed and determined.


The relationship, way and behavior with his environment determine a certain vision, a time and a culture from which art echoes. In the transition from the idea of the Work to its representation, it makes me consider not only its shape but also its inner principle: the connection between nature and spirit, the man with nature and the great crisis he so deeply provoked, in an existential meaning, the same way the crisis shows its own cosmogonic conception. The scientific and technical development that has been going on lately - and its relation with nature - manifest a dominating aim full of hunger for power instead of protection. The economic interests, and a distancing of the trascendental, outstripped the politic and the ethical, exposing the greed, no matter the cost. It depends on the man, the meaning and direction his steps take, his worldview, the value he gives to life and to everything that surrounds him. This is the moment in which the artist, among other things, intercedes as a conscious’ activator. A change can be made on humanity, upside down, from every single person, considering that if we summed our behaviors, we could determine an environmental ethic.

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the work

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