Final view of the Work

“When seeds are buried in the depths of the earth, their most intimate secrets are transformed into blooming gardens”


                                                                              Rumi, Persian poet  XIII C


Shapes, colours, elements of nature transmit enough to represent what, in this case, is not seen but felt.

I considered the oval as a compositional basis for the structure of the work as symbolically, it represents the Self, marking a connection between the past and the future.

The seeds were set within concentric ovals that converge in a niche, which is  the appropriate space to contain a feeling that is implicit in the human condition: pain. Today’s man hides and disguises it, suffering doubly. This increasing unreal reality affects this spiritual state producing sadness.

Inadvertenly, man, as well as a seed, has a hidden greatness. Their potential, together with intelligence and power will give the suffering a human meaning and paradoxically trascendendent, which turns  into a personal purification process.

Dimensions 1, 00x 1, 00m

format: glass box 

seed husks  intervened

bone with finishing process

with its morphology

set in silver

Vista superior de la obra