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Cripta Museum San Alberto 1782 - Córdoba, Argentina

There are spaces that contain historical plots that remain active. In this case, I try to fusion the time with the created object to make the Work “A Place for Pain”.

Taking distance beyond the materiality of their appearances, we find a place (orphan girls’ home) where all the house chores were done and as part of life, this was the place where the death were buried. This is where pain was humanized and paradoxically, was given a sense of transcendence.

Nowadays men hide it, disguise it, suffering it even more. That reality, each time more unreal, affects that spiritual stratum leading to sorrow. The pain appears in an unearthly way, touching our most profound mechanisms to wake us up from superficial life. Without warning, men like seeds - metaphorically speaking - have a hidden greatness, potentialities that within effort, regarding intelligence and will, can turn the suffering path into a personal purifying process.


“When the seeds are buried in the deepest of earth, its most intimate secrets, turn into blooming gardens”

 Rumi  XIII Century


Walls full of content that join with 

work to form a single work: A space for pain


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Entry into space



Scultural object

Dimensions 1, 00x 1, 00m

format: glass box 

seed husks  intervened

bone with finishing process

with its morphology

set in silver

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