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S/T 0,80x 1,00m

Throughout history, we can see how cartography used the line as a determining tool for the creation of maps.  Already in the 5th Century BC records of the first maps found in Babylonia can be admired, where the line did not only define the territorial, but also the cosmogonical.

This succession of points that limited spaces, territories, countries, zones - like yours or mine - is a blurred line now, and with it, the sense of belonging blurs too. Wars, migrations, altogether with nature - that plays its part as well, leaving a topographical setting, in a permanent boiling condition, indicating change and fragility.

This way, the geographic dimensions get closer to those imaginary spaces, to those symbols that J. Luis Borges made reference to "where they are only tangentially related to Geography".

“Lineless” 0,80x 1,00m 

“Crunch, cries and flakes” 0,80x 1,00m 

“Full of emptiness” 0,80x 1,00m

"Fragile 0,80x 1,00m 

“Fragment of the fragmented” 0,80x 1,00m

S/T  0,80x 1,00m 

“In permanent change” 0,80x 1,00m

“Something is brewing” 0,80x 1,00m 

"Looking for a paradigm" glass box 0,40x 0,30m

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